Different Types of Accounting Jobs

Getting hold of a good job in the field of accounting is always a smart decision. This is because accounting is one field which is always in great demand. Besides this, it is also a field that continues to grow and move ahead within a company. The field of accounting is packed with innumerable positions. Careers in accounting can range from the entry level positions to the executive levels. There are different types of accounting jobs but you must always go for a job that you are interested in and the one that best suits your individual requirements. You must have a basic understanding of the job, the educational requirements for the job and the salary that you can earn.

Types of Accounting JobsMain Areas for Well-Paid accounting Jobs

Accounting jobs are likely to differ depending on the specialization and the role required. The accountants are generally engaged in similar duties and job functions like financial planning, reporting, advising management, clients and government and budgeting. Most of the times, the different types of audit and accounting jobs available are dependent on the duties performed and the place of work. Some of the most important Types of Accounting Jobs include:


Audit seems to be the core of the accounting field. Careers in accounting auditing involve checking financial statements and accounting ledgers within non-profit and public organizations and businesses. This works in completely computerized and therefore it relies on random methods of sampling. The job provides a very solid foundation to the future specialists and enables the accountants to understand the organization’s procedure of making money.

Budget Analysis

Budget analysts develop and even manage the financial plans of an organization. This job might exist both in private industries and government organizations. For this job, individuals need to possess strong quantitative skills along with good social skills as budget analysts are required to involve in negotiations.

Financial Accounting

A financial accountant draws information from general ledgers for preparing financial statements. Financial accountants also participate in important financial decisions of a business involving acquisitions and mergers, long-term financial projections and employee benefits planning. The work of a financial accountant varies from week to week and therefore it requires a combined understanding of finance and accounting.

Management Accounting

A management accountant works in different companies and contributes to the decisions made in regards to business analysis and capital budgeting. Some of the most important activities of a management accountant include contracts analysis, participation in the efforts of controlling expenses and cost analysis. At present, management accountants serve as major contributors to the business decisions and they work alongside financial and marketing managers for developing new businesses.


A tax accountant prepares personal and corporate income tax statements. These professionals also takes the ownership of preparing strategies for deferring taxes, expensing items and coming up with the procedure of approaching an acquisition or merger. In order to become a tax accountant, you need to possess a complete understanding of tax code and economics. There are firms who also look for tax accountants possessing legal knowledge.

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