Accounting job description: Analyzing the different opportunities available

The average annual salary of an accountant is around $65,080. Accountants are multiple skilled professionals who can do various jobs easily. When reading an accounting job description you would be surprised at the high level of responsibilities and challenges they handle on a day to day basis. In fact they quite bust the myth that accounting is a tedious job. Below we have tried to analyze the various opportunities that an accountant can enjoy.

Accounting Job DescriptionPrivate-Accountants

Most accountants over a period of years tend to have their own accountant firms where they work privately. These accountants offer their specialized financial knowledge to small and large companies. They act as a consultant on specific projects and charge service fees accordingly. Most companies use them to check whether the company is following proper accounting and business procedures.   When working as a private accountant you can perform specialized services which are:

1.    Financial-Accountant: Here you prepare the reports related to the company’s financial domain. The data are studied by shareholders and internal department heads.

2.    Cost-Accountant: The cost accountant is involved in the manufacturing business domain and it specifies the cost of products of a company or its services.

3.    Managerial-Accountant: These managers prepare reports which are used by internal managers and executives.

4.    Budget-Accountant- The annual budget of a company is undertaken by this accountant.

5.    Tax-Accountant: The Accounting Job Description of this accountant would be to check whether the correct Income Tax and other returns are filed by the company.

6.    Accounting System manager- The person designs the entire software of the accounting information-system of the company. He also checks if the data is keyed in accurately.

7.    Internal-Auditor: This is a person who is responsible for putting the internal audit system into place and checks whether all the compliances necessary are maintained.

8.    Account-Controller: The person in charge of the accountant department would be the Accountant-Controller.

9.    Chief Financial Officer: He would be responsible for the entire financial operations of the company.


A CPA or a Certified Public Accountant would work independently or be a part of a large organization like Ernst and Young. They offer services like external auditing by a third party, tax consulting and management consulting. During an external audit, the seasoned public accountant would examine the company procedures and share his opinion regarding how the procedures could be improved when it comes to creating financial and business reports. In the area of tax consulting, the public accountant would help the company plan out its various tax returns and also might represent the client. As a management consultant, the accountant would offer various advice related to management issues.

No matter whatever role an accountant undertakes, the job would be satisfying and very dynamic in nature. In fact the role of an accountant makes him the master of all trades and later on he can set up his own company easily.

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